Basic Event Task Checklist

Here’s a timeline of when a promoter should be getting their tasks done. This is just a basic guide so you may have some additional tasks or maybe a task needs to be completed earlier. Use this as a start and make your as needed.

1. At Least Six Months Before the Race:

  • Contact the Nebraska Cycling Association Permit Coordinator
  • Get race listed on calendar(s)
  • Obtain sponsors
  • Research Race Course
  • Seek clearance from any government officials – city, county, and state
  • Apply for Race Permit

2. At Least Three Months Before the Race:

  • Print posters and publicity materials
  • Prepare and print race announcement
  • Contact to advertise
  • Arrange for first aid
  • Secure changing facilities
  • Hire announcer

3. At Least Two Months Before the Race:

  • Assemble Press Kit
  • Mail race announcements
  • Notify local residents of the event
  • Confirm appointments of officials with Officials Coordinator
  • Solicit course marshals
  • Arrange for official car and driver and support vehicles if needed
  • Purchase race numbers
  • Arrange for PA system

4. At Least One Month Before the Race:

  • Distribute posters and press kits
  • Write press release announcements
  • Account for Prize Money
  • Arrange for all other equipment

5. Three Weeks Before the Race:

  • Meet with your race committee
  • Progress report to Permit Coordinator and Officials Coordinator

6. Two Weeks Before the Race:

  • Write and send a second press release with updates
  • Write a race program

7. One Week Before the Race:

  • Mail press kits
  • Meet with staff – race committee and marshals
  • Confirm that you have the prize money
  • Confirm all equipment
  • Notify local authorities that the race will proceed as scheduled and confirm their participation

8. Day Before Race:

  • Survey course
  • Close online pre-registration
  • Set hay bales, cones and barricades where possible

9. Race Day:

  • Finish setting up course
  • Assign a staff member at attend to the press
  • Perform final check of course/finish course setup
  • Set up registration tables
  • Position marshals

10. After the Finish of Each Event:

  • Obtain finish sheet from Chief Judge
  • Award prizes
  • Sweep and clean course – perform a double check mainly for criteriums

11. After Race:

  • Teardown and clean up course
  • Send press release on results

12. Within 10 Days After Race:

  • Make sure results get to USA Cycling
  • Collect all media coverage of event
  • Update sponsors on the success
  • Start Planning for Next Year!!!